12 May 2007

A live voice for press

I keep a Google alert running for the keywrods "citizen journalism" and found out about this story through a blog post from yourfreepress.blogspot.com written by Rafael Martinez Alequin. Mr. Alequin for over 20 years has been covering New York mayors as well as state politics. He is the founder and publisher of a bi-weekly publication covering community, city, state and national issues at http://www.nycfreepress.com. But now that his publication moved online and technically he is also a blogger, he is not considered to have the right credentials as a member of the press and recently he was not allowed in City Hall in New York and is fighting for press credentials once again.

Rafael Martinez Alequin, now 74, was born and raised in Puerto Rico. He studied at Universidad Ibero-American in Mexico City and graduated from Hobart College in Geneva, NY. He was a freelance writer for the New York Yankees Magazine, started a print publication that moved online, ncyfreepress.com, and is known for asking hardball questions.

The timing of my discovery of Mr. Alequin's situation ties in with my joining BlogTalkRadio and expanding my own media contributions to include a live talk show. So I asked this seasoned and passionate journalist to allow me to interview him and he said yes. You can read more at Lisacast.com, listen live to the show, scheduled to air each Sunday at 10 am PST or download it from the archive.

BlogTalkRadio allows hosts the ability to take live calls while the show is aired live and automatically generates a feed for your show so that listeners can subscribe and be alerted when shows are going to be on. There are a ton of categories and countries represented in the programming guide and the site is undergoing some nice changes which will include better search features, listener profiles and promotion tools for hosts. Some very exciting things are coming from the company.

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