12 April 2007

Hamster Pie

I watched an Irina Slutsky video recently about locals in Stockholm, Sweden and their use of the Internet. A gentleman said he participated in a commmunity site called 'Hamster Pie'. I followed my short attention span first to a new browser tab and optimistically typed in 'hamsterpie.com' at which I found a most literal result, i.e. 'pie for hamsters'.

Google search results for hamster pie. And you know what's coming right?

Well hamster owner forums, small animal into food fetish communities, the Swedish mister's social network and yes, a recipe for Le Hamster Pie from the French. I just love the picture at the top of the page. And I give to you, a poem from the food fetish collection, it goes:

"A pan of hot oil
A frog is dropped gently in.
Vigorous sizzling."
The number of cultural differences a couple of words can have is dizzying. I fall into the hamster advocate group, having had 2 as pets when I was in grammar school, however, I've also eaten a frog.

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