01 February 2009

A note

Mother of mine,
The first time I saw you, I was a yolk.
The first time you saw me I was in black and white, posted on a 14 in. TV screen.

The first time I breathed, one breath of air,
You were there,
Breathing the same breath as mine.
The first time we saw each other,
Was in a white…clean… frebrezed aired room…?
Hospital, some might call it,
But I call it heaven.

Through out life,
I grew,
You shrunk
I talked,
You grinned,
You cry…,
I cry.

If you weren’t here.
On earth, we say.
Me, a yolk, in a big batch of omelets.
Would never be.

Some describe you,
Corky, [Quirky]
But I say…..
You are a…um
Needle in a haystack
A carrot in a bag of chips.
A purple haired girl in a group of old women.
In a good way.

what I’m trying to say,
you are the most important thing in my life,
(other then Mr. dad)(who helped)
And thanks for raising me.
Prepare for the rest of my life

I love you

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