15 July 2007

Lisacast features a world of new media guests

Lisacast has been all over the place and has more great shows coming. This week I interviewed Dr. Noam Lemelschtrict-Latar about social DNA and his deep experience in new media and it's effect on social interaction and information overload.

He earned his masters degree in engineering systems at Stanford University and a Ph.D. in communications at M.I.T.’s Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Mechanical Engineering and Political Science. Dr. Lemelschtrict-Latar offers insightful thoughts and encouragement directly from Israel.

You can listen to past shows here.

You can listen to the stream via browser or call into the shows while they are live and just listen or ask a question. The US number is (646) 478-4956. Upcoming shows feature the following guests:

August 12th, 2007: Jack Androvich, Sr. Director of Marketing Intelligence and Operations for Worldwide Marketing at Autodesk

August 8th, 2007: Ian Browde, Nokia on the device company’s future and user-generated media

August 19th, 2007: Ning CEO, Gina Bianchini on user controlled networks and what to do with an extra C-series funding of $44 m

August 26th, 2007: Bill Turpin, ex-Netscaper and current CEO of Metaverse.net, multi-player gaming and developer networks

Know someone in new media who might be a good guest on Lisacast? Please email me with your suggestions.

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